Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision began in 2017, with a desire to create a wall clock that could be incorporated into luxury interior design. Inspired by their great purpose of a timekeeping yet equally having the ability to become a striking design statement in the most opulent surroundings.

We looked to the luxury watch market aiming to mirror the experience of owning an exclusive Swiss watch; highly desirable, collectable and a rewarding sign of success and achievement.

Our Inspiration

Yet, we believe clocks are able to achieve something a wristwatch can only aspire to…

They never move, are always present, strategically placed, waiting for us, when we need them. Clocks are a shared experience, bringing together people’s perceptions of time, unifying it and each other.

Become moved by the movement.

Our mission

Our mission has always been and continues to be to create not only clocks, but pieces of art, inspiring conversation and inviting admiration. Our products are made to be savoured and collected, to be passed on to future generations.

Redefining the luxury clock market.


We give every detail the greatest attention. From sourcing the highest quality materials to finding those capable of bringing our ideas to life and ultimately produce the finest contemporary wall clocks in the world.

Accepting nothing but perfection.

Our vision for the future


We are currently in the process of designing additional options for our clock with the intention of offering alternative number marker designs, colour options and varied surrounds. This will complete our first series of clocks.

We will then look to develop our collections with new designs, creating new faces and movements with added complexities, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


We look forward to working with customers on commissions for unique pieces.

For enquiries

If you would like to discuss our work, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form provided. We will endeavour to be in touch within 48 hours.

Our clocks are made to order on an individual basis and in very limited numbers. The exclusivity of our product does mean we need to take careful steps to ensure any prospective buyers are suitable.