Welcome to the launch of our first:

The Argentum Luna

The beat

At its heart is the rhythmic beat of a balance wheel.

Perfectly engineered

Controlling a perfectly engineered movement with an 8-day power reserve and finished in Platinum. The great wheel makes one turn every 24 hours.

Beautiful & tactile

Winding and hand setting performed using a beautiful and tactile crown located at the bottom of the solid walnut surround designed in an intricate bricking pattern.


A machined three-dimensional Aluminium face, finished in pearlescent white, emulates moon beams changing appearance as light moves around the room.

Individually assayed

Diamond shaped hour markers represent the stars in the sky. Each one made of solid sterling silver and individually assayed.

Unique to you

To maintain exclusivity, we have limited our production to only 12 clocks per year. Every clock is given a unique model number engraved on the movement and backplate.


The Argentum Luna is a large statement piece, and as such is an impressive 680mm in diameter, 131mm deep, and weighing 25kg, all supported by the simple and effective hanging mechanism. The solid build gives it a truly imposing feel.

For enquiries

If you would like to discuss our work, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form provided. We will endeavour to be in touch within 48 hours.

Our clocks are made to order on an individual basis and in very limited numbers. The exclusivity of our product does mean we need to take careful steps to ensure any prospective buyers are suitable.